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In 2004, Larisa Code developed and executed a very successful Organic Gardening Program at Madison Elementary. It began with an area of hard, unfertile soil filled with discarded school furniture. The students, under Larisa’s supervision, transformed it into a lush, bountiful and beautiful garden using organic methods. The program is now throughout Pasadena as well as Los Angeles, working with children as young as 3 and as old as 13.

Larisa does not only teach the children about compost and plants, she has the children learn about the bugs, the ecosystem they create, how to cook the food they grow and also respect, for the environment as well as each other. This program benefits the children’s personal growth in boundless ways. It develops their self esteem, gives them a sense of purpose and responsibility and an understanding of how the environment works. The program has redeeming physical exercise and has the children working together, outside, as a team. The children demonstrate excitement and amazement as they observe the transformation of the garden, wanting to share each new discovery as well as every bug they see!

If you are interested in implementing Larisa’s program in your school, home, or community, and need more information regarding the program (budget, grants, etc.), please do not hesitate to email or call 323.533.0316

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